Atlanta Packaging Conference: China market rapid rise
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Atlanta Packaging Conference: China market rapid rise

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In 2014, the bottled water market grew significantly, according to statistics, this is the most rapid in the history of the momentum of the year 2015 will continue this trend, thus proving that bottled water has become the largest US beverage group.

Marketing, general manager of the beverage company's chief operating officer Gary Hemphill said: "This is an inevitable phenomenon."

Although the United States is the largest selling carbonated beverage drinks, but the growth trend of bottled water a year is better than a year already.
Packaging Conference in Atlanta, Hemphill expects 2015 bottled water market share will continue to increase, from 28.1% -29.3%, while PET bottles will increase from the original 18.8% to 19.7%.

Hemphill said: "At the same share of the carbonated beverage will drop to 33.1% -32.2% declining carbonated beverages can also affect the corresponding plastics market changed, will have some impact on the aluminum container.."

Overall, the beverage packaging share from 34.3% in 2008 to 39.1% in 2013 are continued to increase.
It is noteworthy that, although bottled water consumption in developed and developing countries were shown some growth trend, but the driving force is not the same. In the United States and Canada and other developed countries, bottled water has become the fastest growing beverage, mainly due to consumer health concerns, bottled water has been gradually replaced carbonated soft drinks and fruit drinks. But in developing countries, as an alternative to bottled water only unsafe drinking water, and thus has a greater demand.

Thus, depending on the use form of packaging, packaging materials market growth is still determined based on the function and bottled drinks market consumer preferences. With the constant changes in national policy, bottled water, materials will also fluctuate in the future, bio-plastics will become the leading plastics industry mainstream material.