Green printed some thinking and suggestions
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Green printed some thinking and suggestions

Views: 6     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-02-25      Origin: Site

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First, environmental protection is a major event in the world today, it is one of the highest human value orientation; one of the most significant green policy orientation of China's Five-Year Plan and thirteenth five-year plan, regarded printing; printing enterprises should correctly understanding, firmly support positive action.

Second, Beijing is the capital of the motherland Shanghai Guanghua, environmental requirements should be higher, the pace should be faster; as Beijing printing companies and industry organizations, should have a correct understanding and adequate psychological preparation, and actively cooperate, pay into action.

Third, I believe that should be the essence of environmental action - transformation of enterprises, clean production, pollution rather than move to a developing field, so that the pollution are quantified. This should be an important principle, especially the Government of Beijing, Tianjin and printing associations should be followed when printing industry, integrated and coordinated layout.

Fourth, as the Beijing government and local departments of environmental protection, pollution control should be made clear object detection content, according to national standards and uniform requirements temper justice degree at the same geographical area. Under the guidance of these principles, the scientific classification of other facts to judge the printing industry data on the environmental impact of dairy packaging, and to make provision prohibited or restricted. A few years ago, the factory under the Beijing environmental protection departments and the Beijing Association for Indian joint sampling measurement, is a very practical approach (if needed should also continue to operate). According to the different printing methods measured data of the environmental impact, not across the board, packaging and decoration were evaluated, respectively disposal.

Fifth, be considered service radius of the printing industry, the convenience of customers, the overall layout of the city layout and printing services. I recommend printing associations and government departments, binding and printing to maximize the environmental needs of customers and society as a whole efficiency of resource use, meticulous and thoughtful design of future idealized classification type printing metal packaging layout, and so now the stock thrust reversers printing free disposal program. For example, in Beijing, for example, we recommended that the district not to release the restrictive policies on their own printing business, and the strain is the city's unified study layout. For example, whether a company must also be digital printing packaging Subjects environmental assessment, whether by their own understanding of the needs of the market without geographical restrictions will be distribution. Offset printing companies are depending on the pollution degree and effect, can be in different geographical distribution, or must always thoroughly before retention after the treatment? Gravure enterprise is only by the use of solvent-based inks and water-based inks which an indicator to determine the distribution area ? If the majority of the relocation of printing, print customer transportation to the city due to traffic congestion / pollution and printing network layout pros and cons of the nearest transport between how should we balance? only now consider a good solution for the above problem, now some printing companies to do their own condemnation "China printing industry annual report", targeted to take appropriate measures.

The author believes that printing companies in situ changes like better than to move, can also be a combination of both. Centralized factories conscious when moved to build a common layout shared environmental facilities, can achieve savings.

Sixth, Beijing, Shanghai, Anhui and other places the government has supported the publication is printed on green policy, hope to continue to support. State green printing has been larger and put DTP, recommends that national governments actively seek to share, and whatever be its own funds to further support.