Packaging simple domestic wind blowing but not simple
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Packaging simple domestic wind blowing but not simple

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Today, most of the packaged product packaging style changed over the success of "downsizing." In previous years, the popular mahogany boxes, hardcover gift box invisible, design style also changed the past red, and green, and "Tyrant gold" color, more fashion fresh yellow, light green color tone. On the packaging material, more enterprises from expensive metals, HDF turned kraft paper, specialty paper, bamboo, balsa wood and other materials, and paper and bamboo, wood and other materials combine to make the moment many popular creative packaging business .

     Consumers buy tea first feeling is that the product packaging, fine, green, full of sense of design packaging undoubtedly easier access to consumers, which tends to raise virtually tea packaging business performance. Although you can also see the traditional plastic, suede boxes and other kinds of tea packaging, but the use of bamboo, wood and other natural materials made of kraft paper tea packaging has been somewhere, some stores will be used as the main placed in a conspicuous location.

With the increasingly rising consumption level, people's consumption concept, but in reality all the more clear and bright, rational, choice and personalized packaging is continually favored.