Printing enterprises in the growth of how to follow the rules of survival
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Printing enterprises in the growth of how to follow the rules of survival

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The world on a daily basis with changes in the status and trends, especially into the digital technology as the representative of the third industrial revolution after the new product cycles are getting shorter, the emergence of new ideas emerging, printed circle the same way. We should not only warm embrace new things, but also should have to face new changes in unfamiliar calm screening, both are indispensable. We may be missing former outdated, but the absence of the latter may be because we have little knowledge of new things go the wrong way, it did not lead to the final round loser.

Development of the industry needs to have a good social environment and industry discipline, we have gone through reform and opening up has just entered the stage of market economy that is not about the rules of the Year, also has enough experience and lessons of color management, the continued development of the printing industry really you need to play this dual role of market macro guidance invisible hand, while the industry's enterprises should strengthen self-discipline, for this industry sustainable development forward.

Australia's future scholar Peter Eliade said: "Today, if we do not live in the future, then the future we will live in the past." So printing equipment, we can not ignore the advancement of technology, not lack a sense of crisis in the comfortable enjoyment of life among, if that were the case, "the work will be tired of life" (Lu). But dynamic publishing, and we must not blindly rushed to, regardless of the specific conditions of market development, blindly follow the trend, that's the case, we will be doomed because go too advanced proofing, become lonely former monk, the lack of market infrastructure, the same final We will have to stop and wait.

In short, we need to something new and sensitive vision, flexible packaging need to learn and absorb new things, but we need to calm down, you need to select the time to enter the market on the basis of understanding and accurate judgment on this world will always have sufficient only favor prepare people!