SME brand outlet: "leverage, fine place to live."
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SME brand outlet: "leverage, fine place to live."

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Compared with Lenovo, so that Wahaha has strong strength of large enterprises, small and medium enterprises to build its own brand of entrepreneurs who, feeling total catch. In recent years, with the popularity of brand knowledge, SME owners are slowly beginning to realize that the Chinese manufacturing to China to create the need for transformation, is also aware of the important role the brand product sales and profits, but when faced with a tight budget when the funds and the homogenization of products flooding the market, the total will be a kind of "groping in the dark place to start" feeling, people can not attendants.

"Building the brand is big business thing, let's say good product", "do brand advertising is not it? Which money to advertise!", So there is no lack of words appear in small and medium entrepreneurs in the circle of branding biased opinion, is bound to affect the growth of a business cycle and growth rate, not a good brand concept and feasibility of ideas, simply by head-SMEs and large enterprises, big brands to compete, will be praying mantis arm when the car is difficult, but not a lack of funds less money for the journey of the SME Win really can not do? SME brand outlet exactly what the author summed up in two phrases "to deduct, fine place to live", to discuss the following points:

First, start with a small office, small office to dig deep, so small is beautiful
I believe that companies want to do better than do large happier, small businesses do more flavor. "We should have heard this speech, small and focused, depth of exploration is a small but beautiful core demands, I believe that this statement should not only allow electricity providers have touched, harvest, traditional SMEs should learn lessons for their own nutrients, so that homogenization of flooding the market, "survivor", "the market is there anything I can imitate anything, plus devices on the line", many SMEs sitting 'cottage Express "their feed the grave. I personally have seen some small business product category to reach dozens or even hundreds of species, many large enterprises are good times product category, but it can with its extensive line of matching marketing strategy, personnel structure, promotion of investment channels but it is a drop in the bucket, which makes the author very shocked, small business strength is small, the power should be limited, focus on creating star products on, honesty and surprisingly, to the real survivor. If the case is also under weak does not shrink product line focus to create "explosion models", the outcome is bound to be ruthless abandon the market, SMEs should be small and focused, to create "specialist special new" small products, vertical digging, shaping having irreplaceable top explosion models, in order to deduct.

Second, take advantage of the integration, so small into large gains

For SMEs, the problem is the cost of the author and publicity strategy to promote the brand first face that the SMEs in the promotion should focus on accurate advertising, accurate public relations, new media and other aspects of the import policy, on the one hand try to avoid the big media golden section, look for the media for their own products, the limited advertising costs by marketing throttle reasonable allocation of the regional media second-rate third-rate to match the integration interception TV part of the audience, to strengthen the creative, cause word of mouth; on the other hand build high performing marketing and promotional team, end-to-do consumers face to face between the precision of the promotion, there is the implementation of promotional activities planned in the park, residential and other crowded areas, jointly sponsored various public welfare activities to improve the visibility and social image; a third aspect, you should build your own media platforms, collect consumer fans, members of the establishment of the library, to make adequate preparations for the move precision marketing, the traditional internet, give full play to the power of online communities to promote its cause topic to increase the impact of traditional industries should be the Internet, mobile Internet combination of organic, extensive analysis, research, adoption of new ideas new model

Speaking simply, SMEs should be fine brand outlet at every life, to to deduct, to avoid massive tough battle aimed at the opportunity to skillfully deflected the question.